Our story

The acclaimed Secto Design lamps were born of a genuine need, the innovative use of wood material and skilled craftsmanship. Video by Room22.

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The beginning

The founder of Secto Design, Tuula Jusélius and designer Seppo Koho first met in 1995. From the very first time they met they knew they were kindred spirits; they both shared a respect for Northern wood as well as for Scandinavian clear design and professional woodworking.

Tuula Jusélius and Seppo Koho started collaborating on innovative wooden furniture. The furniture was a success but there was a puzzle that the customers were left with: no wooden lamps were on the market that would go together with the furniture. Inspired by this the conical Secto 4200 pendant was born and it became the backbone of the whole Secto Design collection of wooden lamps.

Going international

Over the years Secto Design has built a comprehensive worldwide retailer network and is represented widely across the world. More than 94 % of the production is exported. To strengthen the presence in the international market Secto Design USA was established in 2017. 

Along with the new models and increasing national and international demand, what originally was a small workshop in Heinola has grown into a busy factory with more than 20 employees. Since 2017 the factory, Sectomo, is owned and operated entirely by Secto Design.

Secto Design’s founder Tuula Jusélius and designer, architect Seppo Koho discuss the new models.
Secto Design lamps are used in restaurants worldwide for a warm atmosphere.

Innovative with artisanal touch

Back in the days the new Secto 4200 pendant was a real innovation and unique. It took a considerable amount of time and efforts to find a cabinetmaker capable to produce Secto lamps in large quantities yet maintaining the artisanal touch. The new wooden lamp and its delicate light attracted people. Wood as a lamp material was welcomed to the lighting market with both surprise and astonishment. Today the lighting collection comprises 25 different models and keeps up its steady growth.

Battle against piracy

The beautiful shade forms of Secto Design have attracted some unwanted admiration as well. The battle against piracy, promoting original design and valuing the skills of Finnish craftsmen are extremely important for Secto Design and regardless of the time consuming task of monitoring the market for replicates Secto Design is very committed in standing behind its IPR rights. All Secto Design lamps are now marked with a hologram sticker when leaving the factory in order to help the customers to recognize the original Secto Design product from a fake one.

Secto Design cooperates with both Love Original and Be Original Americas organisations that combat counterfeit design, support authentic creative work and protect the history of design and the future of innovation.